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World's Biggest Snow Maze - Zakopane, Poland

Picture of Weronika Popiolek
Weronika Popiolek

Marketing & PR Coordinator

Picture of Weronika Popiolek

Weronika Popiolek

Marketing & PR Coordinator

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If you’re looking what to do in Poland, visit World’s biggest snow maze – Zakopane, Poland

The Zakopane Snow Sculpture festival takes place in January every year and is organized by local artists and professional snow sculptors from all over the world. The biggest attraction of the festival is the world’s largest maze, which is made entirely of snow. The maze measures over 2000 square meters and has over 3000 meters of twists, turns, and dead-ends. The maze is a true challenge for visitors of all ages and is an experience like no other.


The festival is not just about the maze, though. It features an enormous collection of snow sculptures with a range of themes from fairy tales to wildlife and local landmarks. The sculptures are crafted with extreme precision, skill, and patience. The result is a striking collection of art that takes your breath away. The sculptures are so intricately made that it looks like they were carved in ice.

The festival features a range of activities for visitors, including live music, food, and drink, and snow playgrounds. The playgrounds offer an exciting adventure for children with slides and tunnels made entirely of snow. The festival also includes competitions for visitors to try their hand at snow sculpting.

In addition to the festival, Zakopane has many outdoor winter activities like skiing and sledding, as well as indoor attractions like museums and local markets. The city is known for its unique architecture, and there are many historic buildings and churches to explore. Zakopane is also the gateway to the Tatra Mountains, which offer some of the best winter hiking trails in Europe.


Things to Do in Zakopane:

Zakopane is so much more than home to the world’s largest snow maze; it’s a treasure trove of activities set against the backdrop of the majestic Tatra Mountains. Beyond the excitement of maze navigation, galore of outdoor pursuits like skiing, snowboarding, and mountain hikes invite the intrepid.

To cap it all, meander along Krupowki Street, the bustling heart of Zakopane, where the hunt for souvenirs, the charm of local crafts, and the vibrancy of street performers offer a delightful conclusion to your Polish adventure.

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From skiing down the snowy peaks of the Tatra Mountains to indulging in traditional Polish cuisine at a local eatery, this charming mountain town offers endless activities and experiences for every kind of traveler.

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