Work, Adventure & Play with Adventurely & Insured Nomads

Work, Adventure & Play with Adventurely & Insured Nomads

The digital nomad lifestyle of being able to slow travel while working from anywhere is a dream experience that many people want to explore for several reasons. It gives busy remote working professionals a meaningful opportunity to integrate a sense of adventure into their life; it gives an opportunity to learn about the nuances of a destination deeply; and it also gives what many consider to be an unparalleled sense of freedom. 

While the digital nomad life is extremely popular (currently estimated at 35 Million people and growing!), it doesn’t come without challenges to start a nomadic journey in a new destination. 

Logistics wise- it takes time to figure out where to stay, how to get around, and to plan out the most interesting local experiences to do. Socially, it takes time to make connections and build friendships with locals and fellow nomads in town. Impact wise, it can be a challenge figuring out the best way to meaningfully support the local community while you’re there. 

Enter Adventurely & Insured Nomads. 

Purchasing travel insurance is a key step in supporting local communities around the world when you’re digital nomading. By purchasing travel insurance, you strongly lessen any potential financial burdens to hospitals and medical providers in your nomadic destination should you get ill or injured on the road. 

Insured Nomads provides health insurance, travel insurance, and trip cancellation to remote workers, travelers, digital nomads & expats. Insured Nomads also offers an app called “Inc by Insured Nomads” which is a comprehensive travel insurance and assistance program to keep you protected on the go. Learn more about signing up for Insured Nomads travel insurance for your digital nomad journey at and download the Insured Nomads Inc app here:

Once you have your travel insurance secured, Adventurely can help with many of the living, socializing, planning, adventuring and integration needs that encompass the rest of your digital nomad journey- and at a relatively affordable price point. 

Adventurely is a travel club for digital nomads & remote workers, offering month-long group remote work travel programs called “Welcome Meetups” in inspiring destinations. 

By joining an Adventurely Welcome Meetup you get paired with a group of 10-15 fellow remote workers in your nomadic destination to experience a month of incredible experiences together blending work, adventure & play; you get concierge support to help you figure out the logistics of your nomadic destination; and Adventurely also offers a workshop during your meetup on how to approach your digital nomad journey with thoughtfulness around sustainability and local impact. Adventurely also directly donates 5% of proceeds from Welcome Meetups to local charities in the destinations they host them in. 

Being a part of an Adventurely Welcome Meetup for digital nomads can provide a sense of community, belonging and support that can be difficult to find when you’re traveling alone. You can learn more about joining an Adventurely Welcome Meetup for your next digital nomad journey here:

Overall, digital nomading in a new destination requires a bit of time and effort to navigate, but once you get everything sorted -the experience is 100% worth it. 

If you’re ready to start your digital nomad journey in a new destination – pack your bags and grab your laptop- the world is your office with the help of Insured Nomads and Adventurely for a more seamless and responsible digital nomad experience.

Guest blog by: Mita Carriman @ Adventurely


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