💭 Imagine this:


It’s 7:50am in your corner of the world. The sun has creeped its way back into the sky after the moon worked the nightshift. There’s a breeze in the air as you walk towards the smell of freshly brewed coffee, the weight of your work day tucked tightly between the fabric of your backpack or stylish tote. You stifle a yawn after staying up a few hours later to research a new cafe that stunningly advertises all the right digital amenities and perfect ambiance to set up base. Anticipation builds as your hand pulls the cold metal door handle wide open and you take those first few steps in to take in your surroundings before settling in for your first meeting of the day at 8am.. Surroundings, which although expertly delivering in the promised charm you viewed online clearly indicates that today…


The shop is full.


Every seat occupied, each designated table holding space for a mug (or two) with a half-eaten pastry sitting forlornly beside the occupant’s ferociously typing fingertips. Even the shared community tables are jam-packed, the occasional elbows knocking together and quick exchanges made to acknowledge the unintended distractions. The baristas smile at you standing in their doorway warmly but knowingly as they too have been a bit overwhelmed with the bustling collective of visitors so early in the morning.

A quick peak at the phone in your hand shows the time says 7:53am, leaving you with seven minutes to place your order, hope an occupant’s schedule soon brings about a table opening (preferably near an outlet, as your charging cord somehow unplugged itself in the night), and pull up all your  appropriate tabs to prepare for your day.

Far too much to do in a far too short amount of time.

With the rise of the digital working age, this scenario is one being experienced by remote workers more frequently than ever. It can be frustrating, time consuming and tempting to just stay home for your work from anywhere job where the looming allure of a glorious nap awaits. 


So, as a remote worker, freelancer, digital contractor, what do you do?


An easy and quick resolve to this inconvenient issue is to take advantage of the other uncharted options lying just around the corner from the spaces we’ve historically frequented. Here, we will show you some remote working hotspots that can revolutionize digital productivity beyond the four walls of a coffee shop. 

1. Libraries

Libraries offer an expansive wealth of knowledge, endless multitudes of other dimensions and worlds and safe educative spaces for young and old minds alike. But there are far more resources than just for the biblio-enthused guests. 


Libraries offer reliable Wi-Fi access, often for free or at a discounted rate. Many of these spaces actually have designated areas for study and offer a variety of seating options, from the comfiest recliners to individual working desks. For those who need to use computers or any other office equipment, libraries often provide access to computers, printers, and scanners.


In addition to providing a productive environment, libraries often offer amenities such as coffee and snacks, conference rooms, and online resources, making them a great substitute for the typical coffee shop. With access to a variety of books, magazines, and newspapers, libraries can provide an interesting, educational and of course entertaining atmosphere in which to work. Libraries are also usually open for extended hours, providing remote workers with the flexibility to work whenever suits them best.


The cherry on top: libraries are usually free or very low-cost, making them a very ideal choice for budget-minded remote workers. Check out The New York Public Library or The British Library for some of the most excellent working spaces. 

melbourne australia library crowded room of people studying and working

Melbourne Library – Melbourne, Australia


2. Museums

Museums are a great option for remote workers looking for an artistic, eclectic and inspiring change of scenery.


Many museums offer free or discounted admission days and provide plenty of space to work in a quiet and creatively invigorating setting. Art galleries are adjust equally great option for remote workers as these typically provide plenty of seating and Wi-Fi access alongside its more creative environment.


The Getty in Los Angeles, California provides and excellent atmosphere for digital work and if you budget to pay for parking, you can stay as long as your heart desires (a little birdie told me that Mondays are closed to the public but business hours are extended until 8pm on Saturday)!

3. Hotels

While hotel stays are traditionally known for extended periods of time, more and more remote workers are frequenting the decadent lobbies of hotels. 


Throughout the week, traffic is slower giving you  the perfect time to take calls or meetings in comfort. Wifi is usually easily accessible and if there is some login information required, it’s no hassle for hotel staff to provide a password with you.


Most hotels host a small cafe or bar for you to grab a snack or sip on a drink while you work and may help dispel any potential unease from being in a environment you’re not just quite acquainted with yet. 


Getting comfortable working out of these luxurious locales won’t take long but remember to keep your hotel stops on a rotation to not raise too many questions about your presence among staying guests. 

citizenm new york bowery hotel, bowery, new york

New York Bowery Hotel – Bowery, New York


4. Co-working Spaces

A very trendy alternative to coffee shop remote working is becoming a member at a co-working space. 

Co-working spaces are great for providing state-of-the-art amenities, equipment, and resources for all your productivity needs. A small downside to this option, however, is the membership costs and sometimes even a day pass pricing can be a little hefty which can be difficult for entrepreneurs or freshly launched freelancers. 

Take a look at purchasing a day pass from Impact Hub or Selina for a much more valued cost while still being able to take advantage of all the networking benefits and focused areas for the most maximized use of your productive hours.  

5. Gyms & Sports Clubs

Why not combine your workouts with your work day? 


If you’re a member of more high-end fitness centers such as Lifetime or Equinox, there is no doubt that you are all too familiar with their high speed internet connection s alongside the cafes and restaurants which have set up base within these upscale gyms. 


Take advantage of your gym membership, grab a seat at the drink bar after your workout and get some work done with the comfort of a healthy smoothie in hand. 


Some of these facilities offer day passes for you to access all the amenities for a single day before deciding to purchase any long-term memberships. Just be prepared to expect a very well-intended although lengthy tour of the space.

6. Bars & Pubs

A bar is a coffee shop’s distant cousin, right? Maybe a few times removed but you get the point 😉


Plenty of local bars, breweries and gastropubs offer wifi connections alongside a variety of fun appetizers and craft beers. 


If you’re in the Memphis, Tennessee area, pay a visit to Local on the Square, a vibrant gastropub with a rustic-chic interior where they serve up delicious pretzels and your choice of one of their signature fruity cocktails…word on the street, “Whole Lotta Rosie” is the one to try!

7. Parks

Seoul Forest – Seoul, South Korea

Wifi access in public parks and other municipal areas is an ongoing project being pushed across the US and internationally! While internet connection at all parks and gardens across the board is still a work in progress, there are still plenty to choose from if you prefer mother nature’s outdoor scenery while you get your work done. 

Here is a list of public parks and local botanical gardens with free internet access so you can get some fresh air, enjoy a picnic, and get a little sun glow: 


✈︎ Bryant Park – New York City, USA:

Bryant Park, located in Manhattan, offers free Wi-Fi to visitors, making it a popular spot for locals and tourists to work, relax, and enjoy events.


✈︎ Hyde Park – London, UK:

Hyde Park in London is one of the city’s most famous parks and provides free Wi-Fi for visitors to stay connected while enjoying the green spaces.


✈︎ Plaza Mayor – Madrid, Spain:

Plaza Mayor is a historic public square in Madrid, and the area surrounding it offers free Wi-Fi access for both locals and tourists.


✈︎ Seoul Forest – Seoul, South Korea:

Seoul Forest is a large urban park in South Korea’s capital city, offering free Wi-Fi for visitors to enjoy while exploring the various recreational areas.


✈︎ Queen’s Park – Toronto, Canada:

Queen’s Park in Toronto provides free Wi-Fi, allowing visitors to enjoy the natural beauty of the park while staying connected.


✈︎ Golden Gate Park – San Francisco, USA:

Golden Gate Park in San Francisco offers free Wi-Fi access at some of its locations, making it convenient for visitors to share their experiences online.


✈︎ Parc du Champ de Mars – Paris, France:

Parc du Champ de Mars, the park surrounding the Eiffel Tower, offers free Wi-Fi for tourists to capture and share their iconic photos.


✈︎ Centennial Olympic Park – Atlanta, USA:

Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta provides free Wi-Fi access for visitors to enjoy during events and concerts.


✈︎ Royal Botanic Gardens – Sydney, Australia:

The Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney offers free Wi-Fi, allowing visitors to enjoy the beautiful gardens while staying connected.


✈︎ Yoyogi Park – Tokyo, Japan:

Yoyogi Park in Tokyo provides free Wi-Fi for visitors, making it a popular spot for locals and tourists alike.


A helpful tip: remember that public parks may have specific wifi zones or limited connectivity, so be mindful of any guidelines or restrictions while using free wifi in these areas.

McDonald’s – Vienna, Austria


8. Fast Food Restaurants

With numerous fast food chains remodeling their spaces to not only be more accommodating, there also comes an updated aesthetic charm to some of these familiar quick stop restaurants. 


Places like Panera Bread, Jolibee, Taco Bell, and McDonald’s have been on a renovating streak and although the food may not exactly be the most quality in nutrition, you can’t deny the comfort and pleasure of a broccoli cheddar soup from Panera warming you up all the way down to your toes. 

9. Porsche Experience Centers

Dear car enthusiasts, fasten your seatbelts because this remote working option is going to be right up your alley!


From Japan to France, UK to USA, Italy, Germany and soon in Canada (discover locations here), Porsche Experience Centers offer more than just immersive driving activities but also host exclusive restaurants, cafes, and meeting rooms for you to merge your professional endeavors with your personal interests! 


Watch Porsche’s finest motors test their speeds on the track after grabbing a bite from Restaurant 356 or Carrera Cafe in Atlanta for some focus fuel! 

Porsche Experience Center – Atlanta, Georgia

There are plenty of spots for remote work to choose from in this beautiful home we call earth. From elegant indoor spaces to places to keep you grounded in nature, the world is your oyster. The possibilities for remote work and truly working from anywhere are wonderfully endless. 


Always blue skies✈️