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Trip Protection coverage is an all-in-one travel insurance that covers everything from trip cancellation, pet insurance, and rental car protection. 

U.S. Residents only.

Explore Trip Protection Travel Insurance:


Trip Protection 50

Trip Protection 250*

*Pre-existing exclusion waiver

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Trip Protection 500*

*Pre-existing exclusion waiver

What’s Covered?

Trip Coverage

Medical Coverage

Extra Coverage

Typical Coverage Costs

Coverage options in example:

Trip Protection 250: 


$250 deductible, Florida citizen, and $2000 trip cost, for a 10 day trip.


Age 32

(example price)



Age 47, 2 adults

(example price)



Two Adults Age 40-49 & 

2 children 11-18 y/o

(example price)



Two Adults Age 40-49 & 

2 children under 11 y/o

(example price)


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Purchase coverage with Insured Nomads and you also get a 12-month INC membership with exclusive non-policy benefits that are available to you whether you file a claim on the Travel Insurance policy or not.

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Comparison of Coverage


Insured Nomads

Trip cancellation

Trip interruption and delay

Emergency medical and dental

Accidental death option

Emergency evacuation


High sum for overseas medical expenses


Cancel-for-any-reason option


Collision damage waiver option


Cancellation due to pre-existing medical condition

very few

Adventure & bodily contact sports option

very few

24/7 crisis response, emergency assistance, and real-time alerts 

Mental health professional multilingual counseling 

GPS-enabled SOS/panic button response

Cybersecurity and online privacy protection

Airport lounge access through InstaPassSM when registered flights are delayed