Trip Interruption Insurance: What Is It & What Does It Cover?

Trip Interruption Insurance: What Is It & What Does It Cover?

Are you planning a fun getaway with your family? Perhaps you’re venturing out on your own. Traveling can be a rewarding and memorable experience to immerse yourself in, but if it’s your first time, there are a few things that would be good to know. 

Have you ever heard of trip interruption insurance? It’s common for travelers to opt-out of add-on expenses because they don’t think they’ll need them, but if you decide to take on the additional cost, insuring your trip could be a smart choice.

No one wants the worst to happen, but traveling has its risks, especially if you’re taking the entire family, have small children, or have a health condition. Plus, the longer you’re away, the higher the risk can become. Being prepared for anything, particularly in a place you’re not familiar with, can be a very good thing. 

So, what is trip interruption coverage, and which types of situations are covered under this type of travel insurance policy? You’re going to learn everything you need to know about this protection and how it can benefit you on your journey. 

What Is Trip Interruption Insurance? 

After your departure date, trip interruption insurance can go into effect if you need to leave in the middle of your trip for a covered event. You can also be protected if you end up needing to stay for longer than expected due to a covered reason. 

Trip interruption insurance can rei

mburse you for any funds you spent on the experiences in your trip that are non-refundable. You can also be reimbursed for any accommodations or transportation you had to pay for that you wouldn’t have had to cover if your trip weren’t interrupted. 

This coverage helps you and your family members or traveling companions prepare for the worst-case scenario, so while you may feel like you don’t need it, it’s a good idea to be prepared for life’s unexpected moments. 

What Is Covered Under This Travel Insurance Plan? 

There are a number of situations that can be covered under trip interruption insurance. At Insured Nomads, we want to make sure everyone who selects one of our plans is well taken care of. Here are some examples of instances that are covered.

What Is Covered Under Trip Interruption Insurance?

There are three main categories that trip interruption benefits fall under: medical, transportation, and property and miscellaneous. 

  • Covered under medical: 24/7 emergency hospitalization and medical treatment, COVID coverage, complications from preexisting medical conditions, dental emergencies
  • Covered under transportation expenses: ambulance transport for you or an immediate family member, evacuation in the event of a natural disaster or severe inclement weather, additional transportation for last-minute emergency relocation to the country you live in (insurance covers a flight home in most cases)
  • Covered under property and total trip costs: missing luggage or carry-on, delayed prepaid airfare, mobile phone coverage, adventure and experience coverage (for incidents), and water sports coverage (for incidents). 

If you opt-in to receive trip interruption insurance, and your trip is cut short or extended due to a covered event, your travel protection could reimburse you for your trip expenses.

Is Trip Interruption Insurance Retroactive?

No — trip interruption insurance is not retroactive. This means you are only covered from the moment you purchase the coverage for your adventure. If you opt out but decide you want coverage later, that’s fine. 

However, if you were the victim of any covered incidents prior to activating your trip insurance, you would have to cover the costs of those incidents on your own. If you’re on the fence, the safest option is to purchase trip interruption insurance before you need it. 

Being prepared ahead of time could save you a lot of money in the long run, especially if you anticipate needing coverage. Let’s say you have a preexisting condition that often affects your ability to perform day-to-day tasks. 

You might end up needing to leave at a moment’s notice, and in this case, trip interruption insurance would be a good thing to have. 

What Happens if You Opt-Out? 

If you decide not to insure your trip, you will be saving money, but you will also be assuming 100% of the potential risks. If anything happens to you medically, or your personal property goes missing, those expenses will have to come out of your pocket. 

Without coverage, there is no guarantee you will be compensated for missing or damaged items. You also won’t be reimbursed for non-refundable trip costs like extra hotel bookings on your debit or credit card, and there is no guarantee that the hotel or travel supplier will refund you if you need to change your travel arrangements.

Of course, they could make an exception if you need to leave for a medical emergency, but there is no way to know for sure. Before you opt-out, take some time to think about your unique needs so you can decide which option is best for you. 

Is Trip Interruption Insurance Expensive? 

The amount you’ll pay for trip coverage varies depending on a few factors: who the insurance is for, where you’re going, how many days you (or your family) will be on the trip, and how old everyone is. Here are a few examples:

If You’re Traveling Alone 

If you’re traveling solo, within the U.S., for 15 days, and you’re 24 years old, you could pay as little as $76.23 for the Insured Nomads World Explorer Guardian plan

You can also pay a deductible for solo plans. This is 100% optional, but it will lower your overall cost. You can pay $0, $100, $250, or $500. At the highest deductible, with the above scenario, you could pay as little as $43.05 if you want the World Explorer plan for travel medical.

If You’re Traveling With Your Family 

Let’s say you’re traveling with your family, and you (30-39 years old) have a wife (30-39 years old) and two children (11-18 years old). If you want to travel with your family, outside of the U.S., for 10 days, you could pay as little as $511.40 for trip insurance. 

If you choose to travel within the U.S., you could pay as little as $205.20. Trip insurance costs under the World Explorer plan will vary depending on the options you select. You can fill out our form to see how much you might spend

If You’re Traveling With Your Company 

Let’s talk about the World Explorer Multi plan. This is not exclusive to company travel, and you could select this option with your family or as a solo traveler as well. 

The cost of this plan depends on if you’re traveling solo or with your family, if you have health insurance or not, if your destination is in the U.S, and the maximum amount of time you’ll be traveling. 

If you are traveling with your company alone, within the U.S., for a maximum of 30 days, and you have health insurance, you could pay as little as $475 for trip interruption insurance. If you’re traveling with your family, and there are three of you, you could pay as little as $785. 

If you do not have health coverage in the country where you live, you cannot be covered under the World Explorer Multi plan. 

The cost of trip insurance will vary depending on a variety of personal factors, and the best way to know exactly what you’ll pay for the World Explorer Multi plan is to fill out the form

Trip Interruption Insurance vs. Trip Cancellation Insurance

It’s important not to confuse these two types of coverages. While trip interruption insurance can reimburse you in the instance of a covered event that causes you to leave your trip early or stay longer than you were expecting, trip cancellation insurance is slightly different. 

Trip cancellation coverage protects you if you need to opt-out of your trip before you leave due to a covered event. In this instance, you can receive reimbursement for all of the expenses you paid upfront such as your plane ticket or hotel room. 

What Insured Nomads Can Do for You

At Insured Nomads, we want to make sure travelers can seek adventure and be safe at the same time. That’s why we offer insurance plans that can protect you and your family if the worst were to happen. 

Traveling with a lot of people, especially small children, can be chaotic enough without worrying about what would happen if they were to need medical attention in another country. That’s where we come in. 

Insured Nomads isn’t just a travel insurance company. We’re a user-first insurtec platform that is committed to empowering our community of adventurers to see the world, stay safe, and live their best lives at the same time. 

On top of that, given the global pandemic, we want remote workers who wish to see the world to feel as secure as possible along the way. Need a change in scenery while you work from home? No matter where you decide to set up shop, we’ve got you covered.

Let Us Cover Your Next Adventure 

Insured Nomads offers high-quality travel insurance for you and your family. No matter where you’re headed, how many people you’re with, or how old you are, you deserve the best insurance coverage for yourself and your loved ones. 

Despite what some might think, trip interruption insurance isn’t just a burdensome additional cost. It can actually be quite useful, particularly if you plan to be gone a long time, have a preexisting health condition, or are exploring a new country alone. 

It is a precaution that you hopefully won’t need, but you’ll be so glad to have it if you or your family ever do. Remember, trip interruption insurance is not retroactive, so you’ll need to purchase it before something happens. 

If you’re not sure which type of coverage is best for you, give us a call. We’re happy to talk things out and help you pick the right fit. 

World Explorer℠ is not available when traveling to Belarus, Burma, Cote D’Ivoire, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, and Zimbabwe.

World Explorer℠ benefits remain for Covid level 4 countries with the exception of Covid-19. 

The INC membership features are non-insurance benefits. Any travel or medical assistance service provided is not a guarantee of any insurance benefit.

Please reference the World Explorer Policy wording for a full understanding of the terms, conditions, and exclusions specific to each benefit. The materials provided here are a summarization and are not intended to be comprehensive. 

The benefits described may be subject to change.

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