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Travel medical insurance for when you’re traveling away from home, for a single trip from 7 to 364 days with up to $2,000,000 in medical benefits.
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Our insurance policy purchasing engine currently accommodates a maximum of five individuals. Should your needs exceed this, for example, for a family of six, it will be necessary to purchase two separate policies. We understand the potential inconvenience of this limitation and are actively working towards a solution. We greatly appreciate your understanding and patience during this time.

Typical Coverage Costs

Coverage options in example:

World Explorer plan: $500 deductible with a $250,000 medical maximum, 30 days.


Age 32




Age 38, 2 adults




Age 35×2 + 2 children 11-18 


Coverage Highlights:



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Purchase coverage with Insured Nomads and you also get a 12-month GUARDIAN access with exclusive non-policy benefits that are available to you whether you file a claim on the Travel Insurance policy or not.






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