Travel Bloggers, Industry’s Best Set to Converge on Memphis for TravelCon

Travel Bloggers, Industry’s Best Set to Converge on Memphis for TravelCon

Travel bloggers. They have the life, don’t they? Globe trotters propelled by the desire to experience the remarkable wonders the world has to offer and to share it with others. Some readers live vicariously through them. Others take their advice and plan their own adventures. Some brave souls strive to live like them, and professionals in the travel industry seek to amplify their voices.

The Trailblazing Spirit of Nomadic Matt

One person who has brought us along on his travels and advised us how to travel inexpensively so we can do it more often, is Matt Kepnes, otherwise known as Nomadic Matt. Nomadic Matt is the founder of TravelCon, which he created to help those who desire to create an ideal lifestyle that infuses work, writing, and traveling. TravelCon does this by bringing together leaders from inside and outside the travel industry who have found success and who want to help others find the same.  

The list of speakers attending the conference is impressive, starting with keynote speaker Pauline Frommer, co-president of Frommer Media and producer of Frommer’s Travel Guides and  

Among the many benefits of attending, TravelCon attendees will learn how to  

  • Improve their videography, photography, writing and blogging skills through workshops,
  • Implement best practices and avoid pitfalls,
  • Work with brands and negotiate deals, and  
  • Monetize their work.

This year, TravelCon takes place April 30-May 1st in Memphis, Tennessee—home of the blues and birthplace of Rock ‘n Roll. The annual Beale Street Music Festival will be in full swing as well with an impressive line-up of indie, blues, rock, and rap bands on four stages. This festival is only one event in a line of events occurring during the Memphis in May International Festival, which this year honors Ghana with special happenings all month long.

If that’s not enough to keep your plate full, check out the I Love Memphis Blog for more sites to explore and history to learn.

So, if you’re looking to improve your skills, network with others, and have fun in the process, TravelCon is right up your alley. And no doubt, you’ll find plenty to write about.

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