The Top 5 Jobs for Digital Nomad in 2023

The Top 5 Jobs for Digital Nomad in 2023

Given the realities of the pandemic, remote work was a crucial option to survive the crisis.  In time, many companies adopted remote work in part or in full. The switch provided many advantages such as reducing wasted time.

This then begs a question. If you can work from anywhere over the internet, why not work while crossing continents?

Today, we’ll list the top 5 jobs you can do while traveling as a digital nomad:

1. Project Manager

Project manager as digital nomad with travel insurance

Project managers prepare, start, execute, and track a project’s process to completion. They also use web conferencing and scheduling tools to assign tasks and instruct employees. As you can imagine, every industry requires project managers. Project managers also document and evaluate their team’s progress and outcomes. 

As you can complete tasks remotely, project management is an ideal career path for digital nomads.

2. Web Developer 

Web developer and travel insurance as a digital nomad

Any successful business needs a good website and a website requires a good developer. It’s the trendiest career for young workers today. Its attractiveness lies in its earning potential and remote work flexibility. Additionally, there is high market demand for the three types of web development. These are: 

  • Front-end
  • Back-end 
  • Full stack

The most appealing factor for becoming a web developer?  It doesn’t always require a degree to work for big companies. It requires learning some coding languages and your effort.

3. Data Analyst

Data analyst & analytics for travel insurance and digital nomads

Data analysis consists of gathering, analyzing, and interpreting relevant data. Analysts use this data to: 

  • create insights for decision-makers
  • solve problems
  • identify patterns and trends 

Like web developers, there is strong market demand for data analysts across industries. These industries include healthcare, finance, and even entertainment. 

Data analysis is well suited for a location-independent lifestyle given the individual nature of the work.  

4. Coaching/Tutoring

Coach and travel life with insurance policy for digital nomads

Do you have the necessary knowledge and expertise in a certain field that people are willing to pay for? If so, then providing this service for clients is what we call coaching.

Coaching is quite flexible in method and delivery. For example, you can coach in one on one or group classes. Most coaching topics are online friendly, too. This means you can provide remote sessions via virtual meetings.

There are hundreds of areas in which you can coach. The most common areas are:

  • Career 
  • Nutrition 
  • Business 
  • Life 
  • Leadership 
  • Relationships

5. Video Editor/Producer

Video editing work from home remotely with travel insurance as digital nomads

This is an in-demand role given the rising competition in content creation. This makes hiring a video editor a must for many companies and individuals. This is particularly true for Youtube vloggers. The work ranges from cutting and adding simple effects to creating professional films and product videos. This is all dependent on your skills. Good knowledge of video editing software like Premiere Pro, Final Cut, and iMovie would open the door to many opportunities. A dash of creativity and innovation would also help.

Many consider remote workers to be among the lucky few living the nomadic life. Not only can they fulfill their travel dreams but can do so while covering their financial needs. 

There are other things to keep in mind to cover while on this journey. This is where travel insurance becomes convenient. As a digital nomad, the world becomes your new home. Relying on a good travel policy is the same as relying on the safety a house provides.

Most people already have what it takes to be a digital nomad. The only thing they need is to find the right remote job that matches their skills. While it may sound easy, time zones and scheduling difficulties provide unique challenges. Asynchronous work is one of the best solutions for this challenge. There are now job platforms connecting jobseekers with remote companies using asynchronous communications. FindAsync is a fantastic example of such a platform.

Choosing the digital nomad lifestyle opens a gate for discovery and experience. As long as you love what you do and you do what you love, it blends your work and the travel lifestyles.

Written by: Imad El Kartit, Michal Wieczorek, and FindAsync

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