Personalize Your Travel – Insights from the Peanut Travel App

Personalize Your Travel – Insights from the Peanut Travel App

How Technology Is Making Travel Easier

Planning a trip can be adaunting task. Every step requires some critical decision-making – from what airline to use, to travel protocols that exist in your travel destination and the kinds of clothes to bring. There are lots of questions you must answer, and you’ll likely end up surfing the internet for days to find the answers.

Some are easy to arrive at, but others are highly subject to change. Details like the present state of a hotel, updates to COVID-19 protocols, and even visa requirements can change quickly. How can you make this easier on yourself and more personalized?

In this article, you’ll learn what to consider in personalizing your travel and how a product that prioritizes your personal travel experience was built to help you do just that.

Why do you need to personalize your travel?

Whether you plan to go on a vacation or get on that next flight to a business meeting, you will admit that traveling can either be fun or a baptism of fire, and this usually has little or nothing to do with the purpose of your travel. Adequate preparation is what will make the difference.

But when you need to take an emergency trip, for instance, there is little time to research and plan out all you need. Fortunately, you can leverage products that will only take you as much time as it takes to book a flight to plan an enjoyable and convenient trip.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, global travel restrictions changed daily. If you wanted to travel to regions or cities that allowed travel, you often wouldn’t know what to expect. Or as a travel blogger or vlogger, you might book a multi-country trip from one place to another and face differing visa requirements for entry. All of these factors can impact how pleasant your trip will be.

This is why you must take charge of your travel destiny and do your research – research that provides real-time insights that save you money and time, while providing you with information you need.

That’s where Peanut comes in. Peanut is a Google Chrome extension that, when downloaded, provides personalized travel information instantly when searching a flight or hotel, including:

  • visa & passport requirements,
  • hotel renovations & improvements,
  • Covid-19 protocols,
  • best times to travel
  • travel Insurance requirements, and more.

How do you keep up with the ever-changing traveling rules and restrictions?

Even if you’re an adrenaline junky thrilled by leaping into the unknown, the feeling of adventure can be dampened by the problems that arise due to travel constraints.

So, get familiar with your travel destination. Have a checklist of things you want to be included or excluded from your trip. It then becomes easier to research and influence the outcome of your travel plan when you have layered your needs.

Challenges associated with travel include:

1. Knowing what to pack for weather

Imagine planning a trip to Denmark in spring and you get there to discover it is raining at chilling temperatures. Or visiting Palm Springs in August and planning to play golf but discover it is 115 degrees outside.

Packing the right clothes for such times can be laborious especially when you have to plan your trip months ahead. But like the Scandinavians say, “there’s no bad weather, just bad clothes”.

You can get ahead of the weather by using Peanut, which collects real-time data points about any destination. It tells you what the weather is like at a specific destination during the time you want to travel so you can be prepared.

2. Understanding visa and entry requirements

Before booking a flight overseas, you have to understand the visa and entry requirements so you won’t get stuck at the gate! Insurance (medical and otherwise) may also be a requirement, as it is for several countries.

Some countries, even in the aftermath of the peak COVID periods, have yet to relax their travel restrictions. But finding the information on the requirements of all your destinations, especially if you are visiting multiple places, can be difficult.

Peanut was built specifically to solve this problem, so travelers could access the information quickly and easily. Once downloaded, when searching popular sites, either to book flights or compare prices, the extension pops up with a detailed analysis of your destination, including visa requirements.

3. Preparing for flights and luggage weight limits

Ever booked a flight only to have it delayed or worse, cancelled. If your answer is no, you’re one of the lucky few. Some airlines are better than others at sticking to their schedules, while others are notoriously late. Knowing which airlines, routes, and destinations commonly have these issues will help you when selecting flights. Peanut provides that.

Also important is your luggage weight limits. Having to unexpectedly let go of a few of your valuables, essentials or souvenirs because you have to lessen your load can wreck plans and waste money.

4. Understanding the state of your lodging choices

While you can refer to individual hotel reviews that are standard for the industry, these reviews maybe subjective, old, or even purchased. A visitor may have bunked in January and provided an amazing review, but you’re visiting in August. A lot can change in a few months. Peanut provides the status of the hotel, whether it’s been renovated or gone unchanged for years.

5. Knowing whether travel insurance is required

Did you know that over 25 countries that require travel insurance to enter? With travels rules constantly changing, who can keep up? Peanut shows you quickly whether you’ll need travel insurance or not and how to get it.

Solve your own travel challenges. Go to to learn more about this convenient travel app to ensure your travel is personalized, prepared, and pure enjoyment. Download the app.

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