Peanut partnership with Insured Nomads

Embedded insurance through Google Chrome Extension: Peanut & Insured Nomads Partnership

In today’s world of pandemic travel — consumers are fed up and exhausted. Simply figuring out where you can travel and what you need to do is a nightmare! Tools like Peanut are so important to help travelers plan trips stress free and without worry. Everyone deserves a vacation after almost 2 years of a global pandemic.

We see people around the world becoming digital nomads, embracing the ‘work from anywhere’ mentality, and being more open than ever to travel. Yet care-free travel is still a huge challenge. It’s critically important to be safe and it’s likely that travel rules will continue to exist for the foreseeable future.

Peanut is a free Google Chrome extension that helps every traveler plan confidently on common travel booking websites like Google Flights, and Expedia. Peanut summarizes key travel insights — like travel restrictions, visa information and whether you need travel insurance to enter a specific destination.

Being safe and informed means confidence in travel.

And that’s why we’re proud to announce a partnership between Insured Nomads and Peanut — helping every traveler understand which countries mandate travel insurance for entry requirements, and making it super easy to get covered. This is one less thing travelers need to worry about when planning trips. About 20 countries (Singapore, Israel, Argentina and others) won’t let you in without proof of travel insurance to help cover the cost of COVID related medical expenses. This requirement is likely to be more prevalent going forward.

Travel insurance is an important insight on Peanut to keep everyone informed, safe and on their journey.

Embedding travel insurance on Peanut is great for everyone:

  • Peanut goes where the traveler is. We are agnostic and live where the consumer is shopping for travel — contextually and in the moment.
  • Simplified overviews. Peanut provides low friction, quick overviews. Travel insurance is complex and Peanut makes it more elegant and lightweight, which reduces overhead for travelers.
  • Retentive. Peanut has high retention and brand recall. Instead of travelers having to search for new insurance providers every new trip, Peanut is there to provide guidance where it matters.
  • Highly qualified leads. Peanut currently only shows travel insurance requirements for countries that mandate it as part of their entry requirements.

Brady Simpson, Co-founder of Peanut Travel Company:


“Insured Nomads is laser focused on user-friendly insurance and flexibility for the modern traveler — and we knew it would be a powerful addition for travelers using Peanut to get covered as part of their travel plans.”

Allen Koski, President & Co-founder of Insured Nomads:


“We hope you’ll give Peanut a try when thinking about your next travel adventure. If you’re heading to one of the countries that requires travel insurance, let Insured Nomads cover your needs so you can focus on enjoying your trip. Whether for yourself, your family or your group needs we are intelligent insurance for your leisure travel and necessities for the future of work.”

About Peanut

Peanut was founded by travel enthusiasts to help people like ourselves choose better flights and hotels and be more prepared for the unexpected, like COVID. Three friends started Peanut during the pandemic on nights and weekends, and they are growing their team and the feature set as the consumer demands better intel during their planning process for a work from anywhere while ready to rest and enjoy life traveling.

Learn more: discover & download Peanut


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