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Join us to provide global benefits to those traveling cross-border; whether it’s for work or vacation. 

Partnership Perks:


Join numerous other partners like you to provide protection and benefits to your community of travelers.

Partnership Perks:

*May include press, blogs, social posts/takeovers, co-branded collateral, podcast guest spots, and more. See the FAQ section below for more information.

Our Industries

Our Partners come from all parts of the globe and a variety of industries such as bloggers and influencers, co-working & co-living spaces, conferences & events, remote offsite retreats, online communities, tech companies, travel websites, podcasts, and more. If you don’t fit any of the categories mentioned, but believe you’re a good fit for our partnership program please don’t hesitate to reach out to


Coworking/Coliving spaces

Credit Cards



Networking Apps


Online booking tools/engines

PEO/EOR Platforms

Travel management/ travel agencies


Vacation Rentals

Partner Support

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As you browse through different partner options, you may wonder which partnership fits you best.

Insured Nomads is passionate about creating a partnership network that mutually benefits both parties. Our mission is to help each other make travel as safe and smart as staying at home.

Join our Travel Perks Program if you have exclusive offerings of your products or services that may be useful for our members.

Our Affiliate Partnership Program is for companies, brokers, or licensed agents who want to provide our services to your community for shared revenue. ‍

If you’re an influencer, a blogger, an adventurer and explorer, or a digital nomad with a significant presence online, we would love for you to become a brand ambassador.

We’re on the leading edge of insurtech, dedicated to making travel as safe and smart as staying at home while creating a community of digital nomads, expats, remote workers, and all those who pack a bag to leave their home country. If you believe in what we do, a strategic partnership with us may be something worth sharing with others.

Travel Perks & Affiliate Partners: Please fill out the form and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Brand Ambassadors: We would love to get to know you! Click on the “Chat with us” button and we will kickstart our partnership with a strategic introductory session with our Partner Success Lead.

Benefits of becoming an Insured Nomads Partner includes the opportunity for us to collaborate on co-marketing plans, referral revenue, imbedded insurance as a service, and community to present to our members, partners, and more.

Some examples of collaboration:
1. Guest blogs and articles to be posted on our “News & Resources” page
2. Co-branded landing pages like this
3. Collaboration social media posts like this Instagram post

4. Featuring on a monthly partner newsletter
5. Guest on a podcast episode; we can be a guest on your podcast or you can be a guest on The New Nomad

We’re happy to help! Reach out to if you have additional questions.