Enhancing Wellbeing: Our Mental Health Benefit

24/7 Careline

available in English, Spanish, France, Italian and Portuguese; included in all policies for 12 months

At Insured Nomads, we are dedicated to more than just providing premier travel and health insurance; we are committed to enriching the lives of our policyholders. As part of our ongoing endeavor to deliver value-added services, we are thrilled to introduce an exclusive benefit: access to professional mental health counseling services, available anytime, anywhere.

Buffet of Benefits

24/7 licensed clinician

Self-assessment tools

Online courses

How to access it

Download the INC APP

  1. Sign up using your “Member ID” as “Subscription ID”
  2. Click on the “Wellbeing” button
  3. Explore the range of available mental health resources and connect with professional counselors ready to assist you.

Once you purchase your policy, download your app:

INC Members, access the INC Knowledge Base.