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Recruitment Fraud & Job Scam Alert

🚨ALERT🚨 We have been alerted to cases of recruitment fraud where individuals pretending to represent Insured Nomads contact prospective job seekers. Below are resources and tips to protect yourself from fraudulent job scams. All genuine Insured Nomads job postings can be found on our site only
We and most other companies do NOT use Skype for interviews. Watch the email address that your communication is being sent from. It should always be a domain associated with the company. In our case it will come from Report any email as junk and phishing if it is not from the source they seem to represent.
Common things to indicate a job posting/recruiting scam:
You may be asked for your financial information or to verify your credit score before employment commences.

You may be asked to send money directly as a starting cost for the job, to secure an interview or as part of the onboarding process.

You may be asked to accept a wire transfer and pass it along to someone else, while keeping a small portion for yourself as a fee. In almost all cases, this money is stolen and you may be unknowingly committing a crime.

Follow these tips to avoid job posting/recruiting scams:

⁍ Review job postings carefully before applying. Look out for poor grammar, awkward language or misspellings.

⁍ Notice if a posting purports to represent a reputable company, but there is no working link to the business or mismatched domains, or if there is difficulty with locating an address, business phone number and/or email address.

⁍ Be skeptical when contacted from personal email addresses (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.). A legitimate recruiter, HR representative, or hiring manager will contact you from their corporate email and never a Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo, or other free personal email address.

⁍ Never pay to get an interview or job. Insured Nomads will never ask you to send money to acquire a job or interview. Do not accept money or agree to money transfers.

⁍ Use reputable job search websites, such as on our website, LinkedIn, Indeed and Glassdoor.

⁍ Do not give personal bank account numbers, Paypal or credit card information to an employer. A recruiter or other Insured Nomads employee would never directly ask a candidate or employee for financial information; banking information would be submitted by a new hire directly through a payroll provider’s portal, after the first day of onboarding.


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