Is It Necessary To Have Travel Insurance & Why?

Is It Necessary To Have Travel Insurance & Why?

Let’s be honest, you have asked yourself more than once if you need travel or trip insurance for your next adventure abroad, right? Travel can be a costly endeavor and the thought of adding another expense that may not ever be used seems like a gamble not worth taking. You may be thinking to yourself that the chances of you needing travel insurance are slim and in light of that train of thought you usually decide to skip it.

We understand your hesitancy, but we also want to illustrate to you that traveling with trip and travel insurance is always a win. Unlike in Vegas, you are both the house and the visitor, so no matter what, you win every single time.

We are not suggesting, however, that you are going to experience an emergency or peril that leads to you needing to file a claim every time you set out on a journey abroad. Instead, we want to present to you that the benefits of travel insurance go much deeper than just benefiting from a claim.

Never Bet on Beginner’s Luck

We have heard traveling Nomads argue that they do not need travel insurance because they have traveled before and have never needed it. In gambling, new players have been known to have winning streaks at the beginning of their game, but sooner or later that beginner’s luck always disappears.

We do not want you to fall victim to this path of thinking when it comes to gambling on your life, financial security, health, property, safety, and peace of mind when it comes to your decision to insure your adventures with travel insurance. Having traveled in the past without incident does not mean you do not need travel insurance; it just means you got lucky. Betting on luck is never a safe bet.

The biggest winners in casinos consistently win at skill games that require planning, focus, and knowledge of the game. The ones that lose most consistently play the games of chance and luck. We want you to be a winner, not a loser.

Nomads know what it means to journey into the unknown and we believe that journey should always be undertaken with a trusted insurance partner at your side. The kind of insurance company that not only shares your passion for adventure but also thrives on being a member of the global community. We are all citizens of Earth and that shared citizenship connects our various cultures in a way that invisible national borders never can or will.

We are on the front lines of the remote work revolution engulfing our world and providing insurance products that support an intelligent and safe international work and study lifestyle anywhere in the world. Our simplified travel insurance plans provide you with comprehensive coverages that you simply cannot afford to leave home without.

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

We truly want you to be a winner and that is why we have built a travel insurance company founded on the same passion for traveling our world and experiencing all of its cultures and beauty that our clients share. Our core purpose is to ensure that our clients and their futures are protected against a catastrophe that could destroy their dreams, financial security, and passion for traveling.

With comprehensive travel insurance from Insured Nomads, you are covered for many unpredictable perils such as emergency room visits, treatment for ailments and chronic illnesses, COVID-19 complications and infections, emergency vision and dental treatments, emergency medical transports by land, air, or sea, trip cancellation and interruption coverages, sports accidents, and many other medical and travel emergencies.

Without consideration for the many benefits that our packaged travel insurance plans come with, when you travel with travel insurance from Insured Nomads you are the winner every time. We know you are wondering how you win when you pay for something that you may never use and the answer is simple: peace of mind.

Peace of Mind

You truly cannot put a price on peace of mind. When you travel with a travel insurance plan from Insured Nomads, you travel with the peace of mind that you have taken the biggest step possible to protect you and your family from the mayhem that life can unleash. We cannot predict when, or to our point, where an emergency, catastrophe, or covered peril may strike. It is for this very reason that travel insurance is most important.

Our packaged travel insurance plans come with benefits that cover perils to your health, property, transportation and communication resources, subsistence requirements, and much more. Unfortunately, mayhem does not stay home when we set out on our adventures around the world, but our core insurance plans often stay home.

When we are home it can be easy to get comfortable with the idea of having insurance there for us in the event of major events, emergencies, or catastrophes. At home, when we are driving down the highway to work, we do so with peace of mind that if we get into a wreck we will not have to bear the financial responsibility of it alone.

These insurance plans that give you so much peace of mind at home do not always follow you when you set out on your journey abroad. That is where travel insurance comes in and why it is so important. We encourage you to spend a moment to take notice of the peace of mind your core insurance plans provide you at home and imagine how different life would be without them. Traveling without travel insurance is what that is like, hence the enormous benefit that peace of mind bears. It cannot be understated.

Healthy Travels

We always wish you good health at home and especially while traveling abroad. Traveling means something different to each person. For some, it is an adventure to discover new places, new ideas, new cultures, and new passions. For others is a requisite of their job.

If we could all be so lucky! We believe that it is common amongst all of us Nomads that traveling is a shared passion that we never want to lose; therefore, there are certain steps we must take to remain financially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually healthy enough to continue pursuing our love.

Travel insurance plans from Insured Nomads come with significant health benefits to protect us in the event of sudden medical emergencies, including those caused by COVID-19. The coronavirus has dramatically shifted the entire spectrum of our species, from economics and healthcare to cultural expression and travel. It has, in a certain sense, illustrated our human vulnerabilities and the delicate foundation that our modern way of life stands on.

We want to ensure that you follow your love for adventure with a partner that protects you from the beginning to the end of your journey. Our travel insurance protects you from financial hardship in the event you contract or test positive for COVID-19 while abroad and provides you with peace of mind that you will not be abandoned or left to navigate the uncertainties it brings alone.

Protecting What Matters Most

If we were to ask you to write down in order of importance what was most important and valuable to you when thinking about your home, health, possessions, and family, what order would you put it in? We are betting you would probably say your family first, your health second, your home third, and your possessions last. Were we right?

For most of us, our family is the single most important thing in our lives, more important than ourselves. We know that your health must be your top priority so that you can provide your family with the protection and future you desire for them to have. We must first take care of ourselves before we can take care of the ones we love.

First responders are taught that they must use extreme caution and diligence when responding to emergencies because if they do not arrive safely at the scene, they cannot help them. Instead, they have created another emergency for themselves. The same goes for you and your desire to provide for your family. You must take care of number one first.

Purchasing a travel insurance plan before leaving for your vacation, work trip, or quest abroad helps accomplish this goal. It provides you with the inexpensive assurance that if you get stranded, get sick or hurt, find yourself in the middle of political upheaval, a natural disaster, or positive for COVID, you will have the resources and assistance on hand to insulate you from financial hardship.

Life Happens

Life has a funny way of messing up our plans from time to time. Experience can be one of the cruelest teachers of all because you are given the test before the lesson.

We have talked about a few major events that can bring hardship while you are traveling, but it is not just the major events and catastrophes that can upset our plans. More often than not it is the small events that amount to nothing more than mere inconveniences that seem to throw the biggest wrenches into our engines.

Because our travel insurance plans are packaged policies, Insured Nomads can offer you protection for those little inconvenient wrenches along with the big ones. For instance, our trip interruption coverage provides you with reimbursements for travel expenses like your airline tickets, cruise ship boarding pass costs, train tickets, and other pre-paid travel-related expenses should you not be able to embark on your planned trip or vacation.

We are different from other travel insurance companies. No, we are not saying that the other companies are malevolent robots, but we are saying that our company was founded on a love for travel. We have developed and built an insurance company that provides coverage born from the birthplace of understanding and experience.

The New Nomad

Whether you identify as being location-independent, digital nomad, immigrant, retiree, or another label, you are part of the tribe known as The New Nomad.

Despite all of the mayhem, chaos, hurt, and death that COVID-19 has caused in our global community, we have also been enlightened on how precious our ability to freely move about in our communities, both local and global, is. Now, more than ever, we must begin our adventures across the globe with the assurances and peace of mind offered by travel insurance.

Your family is the single most important part of your life, and they need you. We urge you not to gamble or rely on your past good fortunes to dictate the importance of purchasing an inexpensive comprehensive packaged travel insurance plan from Insured Nomads for your future quests. Taking care of you ensures you can take care of them.

We hope that this blog has been informative. If you cannot tell, we love to travel and we love insurance.

We invite you to explore our travel insurance plans and see what we have to offer. While you are here, check out some of our other blogs about travel insurance and various other travel topics that we have developed to help increase your situational awareness and to help simplify the complexities of insurance in general.

We look forward to joining you on your next great adventure. Save a seat on the plane, bus, train, or ship for us, because, with Insured Nomads, you never travel alone!

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