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In a world full of uncertainties, obstacles, and stress, a global work revolution is under way. What can we do more to keep our remote teams healthy? Another offsite? Another pizza party? Join us as we ask the difficult questions, sharing our doubts and worries with each other as we pave the way for the evolution of insurance for the revolution of work. 

White paper #1

Insurance as an Employer Brand

This white paper presents compelling insights into one critical aspect of this new reality: the crucial role of a comprehensive bridge to global protection. As the contemporary workforce evolves, traditional insurance models are proving to be inadequate. They often fail to provide seamless coverage across geographies or address the diverse needs of employees.

    White paper #2

    Employer Trust Building

    This manual guides you on the crucial role of insurance in cultivating trust in a remote-first world. It aims to demystify the legal intricacies of global insurance coverage and provide you with actionable steps to implement an insurance policy that not only fulfills statutory requirements but also serves as a strategic tool to enhance employee loyalty and satisfaction.


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