Insured Nomads Partners with Travel Community App, Legends, to Encourage Safe Exploration & Shared Experiences Beyond Borders


Whether you live the legendary life of an adventurous traveler, are seeking to live it, or prefer a quieter life of off-the-beaten-path experiences, it’s good to have people on your side who have been where you want to go.


That’s where Legends comes in.


A New Community App for Travelers

Legends is created for everyday explorers to share their travel experiences and provide recommendations to help each other travel safely and grow personally.


“Learning from others, exploring different cultures, and making new connections helps you grow into a person of the world,” says Allen Koski, co-founder and President at Insured Nomads. “We are all travelers on this globe, so why not help each other get around a little safer and easier?”


Legends is partnering with Insured Nomads to provide embedded insurance solutions on their platform, so it’s easy to access travel and global health insurance options.

But Legends isn’t about sales. It’s about evolution.


Exploration + Community = Mutual Evolution

The Legends app is propelled by an “evolution algorithm” built to facilitate personal growth. The core belief of the app founders is exploration+ community = mutual evolution.


“Legends is focused on building the home for the New Nomad,” says founder Shaina Shiwarski. “When we think about what makes the best home, it’s the feeling of safety, freedom to be yourself and connection to your community.  The comfort of knowing that someone has your back and you’re not alone. Insured Nomads and Legends are both on a mission to put the travelers first, support global citizens of all horizons, and make life better for those beyond borders. We could not be more excited to be on this journey together.”



Legends’ instantly visualizes the relationship between the user and the planet as a series of touch points – geography, places, and people – by translating and geotagging every photo taken into a ready-to-share rec.  This process generates your unique Travel DNA that holds a mirror up to your lived experiences, your impact, and insight into where you should explore next.


“How do you decide where you want to explore next?” Allen Koski, co-founder and CIO at Insured Nomads, asks. “Legends can help you with that. And once you decide, Insured Nomads can help keep you safe. It’s a perfect partnership to support your travel.”


About Legends

Legends is the first community app for explorers that combines automation, smart-tech and social for the world’s new nomads, freedom seekers, travelers, and people sitting at their desk dreaming about where to go next. Their mission is to automate and streamline the way we share, connect, and discover our planet. They do this by instantly creating a unique visual representation of your travels and impact on the world. This enables the exchange of experiences with friends, by translating every photo taken into a ready-to-share recommendation, ultimately enabling you to uncover your places, your people, and your global home. Legends Beta is currently available for IOS devices only on the App store.

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