Insured Nomads & Draper Startup House partnership increases travel security for digital nomads

Insured Nomads is excited to announce its partnership with Draper Startup House (DSH). DSH is ushering in a new generation of entrepreneurs who will create business that will make the world a better place. Insured Nomads, a culture conscious workplace, is united in that mission.



DSH supports entrepreneurs and start-ups by providing shared spaces, resources, and services throughout the world. Insured Nomads is providing support to DSH members through discounted World Explorer Travel Insurance, which covers travelers for emergencies that occur at any point during the trip in the country they are visiting.

Brett Estep, COO of Insured Nomads:


“At Insured Nomads, we truly share the desire to elevate the human connection with Draper Startup House. We know first-hand the power of a knowledgeable community as a fully distributed and global startup business ourselves. We are honored to support DSH and the next generation of builders.”


Unique to Insured Nomads is the value-added security they provide beyond insurance through the INC experience app, available for 12 months after a World Explorer insurance purchase. INC provides comfort, health, security, and community tools to help travelers continue to feel safe and connected. Examples of these tools include geolocation alerts, telehealth services and delayed flight lounge access.

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