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  • Political evacuation

If the officials of the country you are temporarily residing or visiting recommended that you should leave the country.

If there is an increase in Political instability that places you in physical danger that requires crisis evacuation (Civil Commotion, Insurrection, Rebellion, Revolution and/or Coup d’Etat).

If you are expelled or declared as persona non grata in the country you are located

  • Conflict evacuation

There is an increase in conflict in the country where you are located that places you in physical danger

Acts of Terrorism, Strikes, Riots or civil commotion in the country where you are in.  

  • Natural Catastrophe

If there is a Natural catastrophe occurring in or in close proximity to the country where you are located.

Natural Catastrophe means the widespread disruption of human lives by disasters such as flood, tsunami, fire, hurricane, earthquake, volcanic eruption and landslide or other natural catastrophe or event.

It means a violent uprising of citizens in resistance to their government.

It means a substantial violent uprising by a group of persons assembled together and acting with common purpose of religious, ideological or political intent.

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It means the overthrow of a regime or political system by its citizens.

It means a violent disturbance by a group of persons assembled together for a common purpose which threatens the public peace.  

It means a work stoppage to enforce demands made on an employer or to protest against an act or condition.  

It means an act or series of acts, including the use of force or violence, of any person or group(s) of persons, whether acting alone or on behalf of or in connection with any organisation(s), committed for political, religious or ideological purposes including the intention to influence any government and/or to put the public in fear for such purposes.  

It means declared or undeclared hostile action between two or more nations or states.  

We, Our, Us means the Insurer.
You, Your means the Insured (the policyholder) as named in the Schedule.  

Civil war is a hostile contention by armed forces carried on between opposing citizens or subjects of the same country or nation.

It means the failure and/or inability of the authorities to uphold law and order due to political change and includes Civil Commotion, Insurrection, Rebellion, Revolution and/or Coup d’Etat.

It means an Expatriate Crisis Evacuation and/or a National Crisis Evacuation.  
Expatriate Crisis Evacuation means the necessary transport from the Host Country (or from the region of the Host Country in which the Insured Person(s) is located) of a Insured Person(s) who is not a national of the Host Country to the place considered by Emergency Response Provider to be the nearest place of safety or their Resident Country, caused by or relating to the Insured Event(s).

It is deemed to be for a period of up to 21 consecutive days outside an Insured Person (s) Country of Assignment  

It means the cost of travel out of or within the Host Country by the most appropriate mode of transport in the prevailing circumstances of the Crisis Evacuation

This benefit will cover the costs of the necessary transport from the country where you are located to the nearest place of safety or back to your home country.  

There is also cover for the additional costs you incurred for travel, accommodation, relocation expenses and other reasonable costs.  

Additional Costs means the reasonable costs and expenses incurred by You or on Your behalf or on behalf of the insured person with the prior approval from the Emergency response provider.  

No, there is no additional cost for this benefit. This is part of your exclusive INC membership.


The policy covers Earning Expenses incurred by you following a crisis evacuation during the period of the policy once it is determined that the event is covered under the sections of the policy and is subject to the sub limit of the schedule.

Country of resident is the country in which You, as an Insured person normally resides and of which you, as the insured person as permanent citizenship or is a permanent resident, or the country in which you as the insured person is residing on an overseas employment assignment but which is not the country of assignment while the Country of assignment means the country or countries, as laid out in your Schedule in which you as an insured person is located during the period of the policy for the reasons of their employment with You.

It means the emergency response company appointed by Us on the recommendation of Emergency Response Provider.

1. the return of an Insured Person(s) to the Host Country following a Crisis Evacuation; or

2. the dispatch of alternative Insured Person(s) to the Host Country provided that the total number of Insured Person(s) involved in any such Relocation does not exceed the total number subject to the Crisis Evacuation.

It means the costs, up to the sub-limit specified in Item in the Schedule, of initial assessment and specialist advice in preparation for Relocation.

It means the cost of economy class fares on any licensed common carrier operating from a published timetable in the course of Relocation, provided always that such costs and expenses so incurred shall not be payable where incurred beyond a period of one hundred and twenty days from the completion of the Crisis Evacuation.  

It means specialist advice on necessary safety and/or security and/or emergency measures and/or to facilitate a Crisis Evacuation.