INC Knowledge Base

Using the INC App

Here you can access alerts that affect you, global alerts and local news in English based on your location. You can also choose to filter what kind of alerts you will receive (low, medium or high risk alerts).

Alerts are divided into three levels:

  • High (red): Immediate and serious threats to your safety and/or health.
  • Medium (orange): Incidents or threats that may occur in the coming days or recently have occurred.
  • Green (low): Information that may be good to know, such as public transport disruptions, small protests, or updates to earlier incidents/warnings.

Here you can find your current chats.


The Check-in button sends an up-to-date location to the system with respect to your privacy settings.


1. Press the Check-in button on the home page of the app.  

2. If you do not have access to internet, then press “Try using SMS”

3. By sending the SMS you will share your positioning with the system, and your admin will be able to see your position.  


When clicking the globe in the bottom menu, you can find extensive information on the country you are located in or a manually chosen location.


  • Overview – all the need to knows about a country.
  • Alerts – alerts about events happening such as traffic disruptions, protests and other incidents.
  • Medical – country-specific medical information and can easily locate the medical providers in that country
  • Safety – find the risk level for the country you are located in (or chosen). Get detailed risk information connected to ten different risk categories.
  • Travel – passport, visa and transport information.
  • Culture – important information about the culture of a country.
  • COVID-19 – quickly get information on all of the restrictions and quarantine measures for that country.
  • Local News – stay up to date on relevant local news.


Quickly recalculates between different currencies. Updated with the latest exchange rate.


  • Experts on call for you at the touch of a button, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Local emergency numbers are provided for your assistance.
  • Share your present location with the alarm center.

When you press the red “SOS” button on the assistance page in your App the system will automatically open your SMS-dialog after the five second countdown and you can send your position to the Global Emergency Assistance Center for Insured Nomads to be alerted. You will get a call back to the number registered and an in-app message you may respond to for help.

Note, the alarm button will flash/pulse until the case is cleared at the Global Emergency Assistance Center, there may be a delay after a few minutes after the case/incident is cleared where the alarm button will still pulse/flash.

Log out and quit the app.


Here you can find information on a large number of conditions/diseases including a description of the symptoms, how to avoid and treat them.


Here you also find a detailed list of medications, which helps you to quickly access a short description of the medication, what subclass it belongs to, potential side effects and the medication’s different names in various languages.


We highly value end-user privacy and therefore give the option to set your own privacy level in the INC mobile application. Choose between exact, city level or region/state.


However, if an incident occurs and the emergency button is pressed by the end user, the privacy levels are overridden so that you can instantly be located with exact GPS-coordinates.


Here you can adjust your contact information and also add more. Here you will also find your subscription number.


Here you find both Medical and Accommodation Providers to help you find the nearest recommended hospital or safe hotel using a map or search. The accommodation providers are all safe hotels, certified by Safehotels. In the filtering menu you can set the distance from you current location to accommodation providers.


Description of how INC divides risks into 10 different categories and assessment of risk level. The five risk levels range from Negligible to Critical.


Region of Interest: You can choose which regions you want to follow and get alerts from. For example, there may be countries where you often travel.

Content Translation: You can select the language and turn on or off the machine translation.

Currency: Choose your regular currency to calculate against.

Distance Unit: You can choose the distance unit kilometers or miles.


Here you can easily submit a support case and get help from our support team if you have any questions regarding the application.