INC Knowledge Base

Getting Started with the INC App

The app is available on Android and IOS.

Go to your mobile device’s app store and search for “INC by Insured Nomads“. 

1. Download the INC application.

2. Open the INC application.

3. Read and Accept the Terms of Service to proceed to the Welcome Page.

4. New users press “Sign up”.

5. Enter the email to be linked to the account and a unique password of your choosing. Press “Submit”

6. Enter your Member ID in the Subscription ID field. 

7. Register your user information.

8. On the phone registration page, you have two options (Please use option b. if located in China or Russia);

a) “Manually Register Phone”, press this button, enter your device’s mobile phone number, receive the verification code via SMS and enter it in the “Verification code” field, press “Verify”.

b) “Send Verification SMS”, press this button and send the verification SMS that pops up (This may result in charges of local SMS fees by your provider)

9. You have now successfully logged in to the INC Application, Welcome.

If you want more information about positioning, click here.


  • Check-in feature sends an up-to-date location to our alarm center with respect to your privacy settings.
  • FLIGHT DELAY leads to a page where you can choose to get airport lounge access or be reimbursed for a flight delay. Both lead to instructions on how to access these benefits.
  • WELLBEING leads you directly into the portal for awareness assessments, articles, therapy/counseling via chat/phone (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and German), and scheduling for video counseling (available in 50+ languages by appointment).
  • CYBERSECURITY leads to the benefits included for Freedome VPN, SAFE antivirus and malware protection, and Online Password Manager. 
  • VIRTUAL CARE is our international consultations by licensed healthcare professionals when outside the USA.
  • PERKS leads to the savings included with your INC membership.
  • WALLET leads to passes saved in WalletPass.
  • TAXATION leads to a tool that determines your global tax risk profile and connects you with expert support.
  • COMMUNITY leads to the INC Community Login Portal
  • LATEST ALERTS feed reporting all important events around the clock about what has happened.
  • IN-DEPTH REPORTS on current issues each month around the world.

*Note that the Location Services / Notifications feature must be enabled on your phone to receive all warnings and messages.