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Insured Nomads is proud to partner with Amoveo Group to provide you with travel protection and priceless peace of mind as you travel to make a difference in this world. 

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World Explorer plans cover you for emergencies that might occur at any point during your trip in the country you are visiting. 

It offers benefits for both medical and non-medical situations.

Travel Medical Insurance

Travel medical insurance for leaders who seek to revolutionize the way the world sees hope. Wherever you go, we are with you.

Group Travel Insurance

Global travel medical coverage for globally mobile leaders who spearhead the project to see broken systems fixed in communities all over the world

Comfort. Health. Security. Community.
At your fingertips.

Purchase coverage with Insured Nomads and you also get a 12-month membership with exclusive non-policy benefits that are available to you whether you file a claim on the travel medical insurance policy or not.

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Need a travel medicine consult?

When going to a developing  country there could be a need for vaccinations or medications that require a travel medicine clinic consultation before departure. Our partnership with Runway Health let’s you get much of this done through a telemedicine consult. Visit their site to learn more and schedule your consult.

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