Enhanced Travel Safety Alerts Delivered Through Complimentary INC Membership Travel App

Enhanced Travel Safety Alerts Delivered Through Complimentary INC Membership Travel App

Helping you traveling safer and smarter is our mission at Insured Nomads. That’s why we are at the epicenter of the revolution of insurance for the evolution of travel designing travel insurance plans for the modern global citizen.

We are continuously improving and perfecting our benefits to ensure we are accomplishing this mission. This not only includes insured benefits, but also extends to our exclusive INC membership app, which we provide at no additional cost with the purchase of our travel or global health insurance. INC provides complimentary, non-insured benefits and travel tools, such as:

  • lounge access for flight delay,
  • mental health counselling,
  • a secure VPN,
  • geo-specific travel alerts,
  • risk intelligence based on where you are and where you are headed,
  • and much more.

Geo-location intelligence is provided three ways once the INC app is downloaded to your phone, and that’s through travel alerts, risk assessments, and risk levels.

Travel Alerts

Travel alerts are provided automatically, popping up on your phone to inform you in real time as they arise. They include airport travel delays, security risk events near you such as protests, weather events, and more. You can also view all current risks associated with your country, regardless of your current location.  Here’s an example of what that looks like for the United States:

Figure 1. U.S. Travel Alerts as shown in INC

Risk Assessments

Risk assessments are accessible inside the app and include a summary of a country’s overall risk with recent and upcoming risk developments.  Recently, we’ve condensed the number of risk assessment categories we were providing from 10 to 7 for more succinct communications. These categories include:

  • Armed Conflict 
  • Civil Unrest
  • Crime 
  • Health 
  • Kidnap and Ransom 
  • Militancy 
  • Political 
Figure 2. U.S. Overall Risk as shown in INC

Risk Levels

Risk levels are also available to view inside the INC app and indicate the likelihood of a threat to have an actual or potential impact on your travel, the safety of people, or operations. There are five levels:

  • Negligible: the likelihood of a threat is low, with minimal security risks. 
  • Low: the likelihood of a threat is limited. No substantial risk of physical harm, likely travel/operational disruptions 
  • Medium: the likelihood of a threat is presumed. Some risk of physical harm, likely additional travel/operational disruptions; maintain heightened vigilance. 
  • High: the likelihood of a threat is probable. Considerable potential of physical harm, likely additional travel/operational disruptions; avoid non-essential travel to the area. 
  • Critical: the likelihood of being affected by a threat is severe. Professional support is required. Virtually certain potential of physical harm, likely additional travel/operational disruptions; avoid all travel to the area.

Figure 3. Risk Definitions as shown in INC

The overall risk level is based on the combined levels of different kinds of risks (crime, health, civil unrest, armed conflict, political, etc.) adjusted to the local context to reflect how the risks impact the operating environment in the country. This country information consists of the following: 


  • Currency and the use of Money  national currency and use of money and cards
  • Cities – description of major cities with useful information and risk areas
  • Infrastructure – communications, utilities, and electricity
  • Geographical Features – description of physical, and geographical aspects of a country 
  • Links – links to useful government and local authorities
  • Calendar – upcoming events and celebrations


  • Overview – a description of general travel features, services, and quality
  • Passport and Visa – passport validity and visa requirements
  • Difficulties for Specific Nationalities – difficulties that certain nationalities may experience upon arrival to a country
  • International Air Travel – main international airports and facilities
  • Domestic Air Travel – local airports


  • Traditions and Customs – main traditions, customs
  • Female Travelers – useful information for female travelers
  • Religion – major religions and beliefs
  • Dos and Don’ts – customs, established ways, and etiquette


  • Medical Facilities – state of medical services and emergency care in a country


  • General risk level Low, Medium, High, Critical
  • Overview – information on the pandemic’s development, country’s approach, movement regulations, and restrictions

Hopefully, we’ve demonstrated that we’ve got your back because your safety matters to us.  AND these alerts are absolutely free for 12 months with most our travel or  global health insurance plans. AND these travel alerts are just one of the  many travel tools that come with INC.


We invite  you to learn more about us, get a quick quote your next trip, and check out INC travel tools for yourself. We’re here to change things in the insurance industry. That means, above all, we’ll be  putting your safety, health, and comfort first.

About Insured Nomads   

Insured Nomads is the first to take an integrated traveltech, fintech and insurtech solution to the world for remote workers, globally distributed teams, expats, and travelers. Their purpose is to make travel as safe and smart as staying at home. They do this by providing health insurance with exceptional medical benefits in tandem with wellbeing, safety, security, and advanced tech-enabled solutions for ease of payment for healthcare, emergency response and evacuation. Insured Nomads is available through affinity relationships, direct, embedded and through select brokers and partners for groups and individuals. 

Information on integration, collaboration and partnership contact Brett Estep: brett@insurednomads.com



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