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If you become one of the Insured Nomads then you get this benefit through INC (starting 30th of April 2021). If you have not received your activation code, click here to request it.


Bitdefender Total is an all-in-one package that includes every­thing you need to protect your privacy and your devices from online threats.

Antivirus: Keep your devices safe from viruses, trojans, ransomware, adware, keyloggers, spyware, and other malware with our award-winning technology.

Browsing protection: Explore the internet and stay safe from harmful and dangerous web pages to ensure your security and privacy.

Ransomware protection: Stay ahead of online criminals and protect yourself from the increasing amount of ransomware.

Banking protection: Banking protection lets you know when you enter a safe banking site and keeps your money safe by securing the connection to the site.

Parental control: Protect your kids’ safety online with Family rules by setting limits for their screen time and blocking harmful content.

Game, Movie and Work Mode: Enjoy protected gaming, streaming and working modes on your computer with uncompromised performance.

Personal VPN: Protect your privacy by encrypting your connection and hide your real IP address from the web pages you visit.

Wi‑Fi protection: Your internet connection is secured so that no one can hack it when you use public Wi‑Fi.

Virtual location: Change your virtual location and add an extra layer of privacy.

Tracking protection: Stop advertisers from tracking you and making money at the expense of your privacy.

Kill switch: Prevent accidental leakage of your data to the internet during momentary VPN outages. Available on Windows, Mac, and Android.

Password manager: Store all your passwords, create new strong ones and use them faster and easier to log in to your favorite services.

Auto-fill credentials: Use the auto‑fill feature to enter your usernames and passwords easily in apps and browsers (Chrome and Firefox) so you don’t have to remember them anymore.

Bitdefender Central: Renew or manage your protection through an easy-to-use management service.

Free customer support: Gain access to help from Bitdefender’s experts.