Cruise Ship Travel Insurance: What Are the Benefits?

Cruise Ship Travel Insurance: What Are the Benefits?

Cruising the world on multi-billion dollar ships equipped with water parks, spas, gyms, and even go-kart race tracks may sound like a lifestyle reserved only for the rich and famous. As a world exploring Nomad, you know that’s not the case!

Traveling with one of the many cruise lines in the world offers some of the most wallet-friendly travel that can be found anywhere. Usually, almost all of the food onboard the ship is included, along with activities and amenities. Some of the most interesting and beautiful places in the world border one of the world’s seven seas, and you can find a cruise ship to take you there. You won’t be in a hurry to reach your destination, because the journey itself will be just as exhilarating. 

We know that we don’t need to convince you how awesome and affordable cruise ship traveling is because you already know the enormous value that can be found sailing the ocean and being pampered like the star that you are! However, we do want to talk about how important buying cruise travel insurance from a reputable insurance company is to ensure you and your family are protected in the event that the seas are not smooth and the winds are not calm for your voyage.   

How Much Is Travel Insurance?

Not as expensive as you might imagine, and nowhere near the cost of what experiencing a covered peril may be. Travel insurance protects your love for traveling the world. Regardless of how hard we plan, catastrophe can be one second away. You love cruising, and we want to protect that love with insurance that gives you peace of mind. 

The cost of travel insurance, especially cruise ship travel insurance, is truly minimal compared to the significant cost you may incur should you experience an emergency while abroad. 

Our travel insurance and World Explorer insurance plans start at less than $30.00 and cover you for far more than a just trip interruption or cancellation. Speaking of which, you may be wondering what exactly is covered and why your Trip Insurance Plan is not enough. We’re glad you brought that up!

What Is the Difference Between a Travel Insurance Company and a Trip Insurance Company?

We know that travel insurance and trip insurance sound like they are synonymous, but they are two different forms of financial protection. Ultimately, that’s what insurance is: financial protection. In one way or another, your insurance is meant to protect your financial assets, from your cash reserves and real estate assets to your investments and future earnings. Insurance in all of its various forms protects what you have worked your whole life to build, so it goes without saying that you need protection from losing it.

Take life insurance for instance. We purchase life insurance not for the person that dies but for those who live. We ensure that the life we built for them continues on in our absence, from paying off debts to replacing our income and paying for our children’s education. We purchase auto liability insurance to help pay for hospital bills and wrongful death lawsuits that may arise from negligence while driving. 

Trip health insurance offers protection against unexpected trip cancellations due to a variety of covered reasons, such as medical treatment due to COVID or other medical conditions, complications with a medical procedure, or emergency medical evacuation coverage. Your cruise insurance plan offers insurance coverage after your departure date until your return from your cruise vacation.

Should you experience a qualifying peril with trip insurance, sometimes referred to as trip cancellation insurance or trip interruption coverage, you will receive our prepaid trip costs back thanks to reimbursement from your travel insurance policy. This coverage can be indispensable in the event of a baggage delay, missed connection, trip delay, or last-minute itinerary change that would otherwise leave you with non-refundable expenses that add to your total trip cost.

As a world explorer you are well aware that the cost to travel, even when factoring the value of cruising can be significant, so knowing that we will have money spent on airfare, boarding passes, or trip deposits returned to us for a future vacation gives us peace of mind.

Travel insurance covers us at any point in our travels, from before it starts to after, and protects us in the event of a catastrophe while abroad that may both interrupt and cancel our trip. Best of all, these benefits apply in the country we are visiting. Insured Nomads offers comprehensive travel insurance plans that give you the peace of mind any world traveler deserves! 

Take Away: Trip interruption plans cover us before we set out on our adventure, travel insurance goes along for the journey!

Can You Get Travel Insurance for a Cruise?

Absolutely! We believe traveling via our planet’s oceans is a great way to experience all that our world has to offer. Our travel insurance plans can be taken with you on your global adventures, whether by air, land, or sea. 

The COVID pandemic has taught us much about what we do and do not know regarding pandemic response. The cruise industry was especially impacted by the global disease and had to find new innovative ways to get sailing Nomads like you back out on the seas. It has shown us in various ways that travel insurance coverage is essential protection that we cannot afford to go without. Despite the world’s best scientists, doctors, government, and business leaders’ efforts, COVID remains a very real and present danger, whether at home or on a cruise. 

Travel insurance has always been important, but the threat of a COVID infection raises the stakes even higher. The wonderful people who work in the cruise industry have been taking every step imaginable to protect their travelers, and it is important to do your part by protecting yourself with travel insurance should their efforts fail. 

COVID is only one threat to your traveling adventures, and there are numerous other catastrophes that could not only interrupt your vacation but also your entire way of life. Let us help protect you with travel insurance built by a company that shares your passion for traveling! 

What Type of Insurance Do You Need for a Cruise?

At Insured Nomads, our World Explorer Guardian plans have you covered for a variety of emergencies that may occur abroad wherever you are, and for both travel medical expenses and non-medical situations like travel delays and lost baggage. Our policies are designed to accommodate a variety of explorers and their itineraries, including both individuals and families for cruises including cancelation and delay options.

Our comprehensive travel insurance covers you for many different events subject to certain limitations, including 24 Hour Emergency Medical Care, medical coverage for pre-existing conditions, emergency dental procedures, natural disaster accommodations, emergency evacuations, trip cancellation coverage, cellular service, adventure/marine sports coverage, and much more.

Catastrophe is not picky about when or where it strikes, and sailing with a cruise company is no different. A major health crisis can occur regardless of whether you are home or sailing the open seas. While it would be awesome if all our problems stayed at home while we are on vacation, the fact is they travel with us. 

Our travel insurance plans provide you with the peace of mind you need whether you are enjoying fried conch in the Bahamas, touring the ruins of Greece, or whale watching in New Zealand. When we travel abroad, our underlying insurance plans that we have at home often come with territorial and geographical exclusions and limitations. 

Renting a Jeep while you explore the island of Nassau during a shore excursion? First, they drive on the other side of the road there. Second, your auto insurance plan at home may not offer you any protection while in a foreign country. 

Get an insurance quote today to learn about coverage limits, the insurance services we offer, and how we can help you avoid unnecessary expenses. As a travel insurance provider, we’re the best travel companion you and your family members could ever ask for.

When Should I Buy Travel Insurance for a Cruise?

We encourage you to select and purchase your travel insurance plan prior to your embarkation, but you are able to purchase it after your cruise has begun. Our travel insurance plan options include many of the benefits found in trip insurance plans. In the insurance world, we call this a packaged policy. Therefore, to get the most out of your insurance plan, we strongly recommend having a plan in place prior to your departure.

Furthermore, no one has quite figured out how to predict the future, and the unpredictability of life means you should be protected as soon as possible. While we cover many perils not covered by other plans, we are unable to help you with a catastrophe that has already occurred. With that in mind, we encourage you to protect yourself and your family as soon as possible with one of our World Explorer Guardian plans!

What Are the Benefits of Travel Insurance for a Cruise?

Great question! The benefits of a travel insurance plan for a cruise from Insured Nomads essentially is a summation of everything we have discussed in this blog. As a world-explorer, you understand the importance of having a well-thought-out itinerary, emergency plan, prioritized schedule, and accessible navigation for your travels. Protecting the financial security and health of you and your family is paramount, especially when you are traveling abroad on a cruise.

We have discussed various perils that can affect your cruise, but one we haven’t discussed is the peril of having too much fun! Don’t worry; we’re not being party poopers, but let’s be honest, sometimes we get ourselves into trouble when we are having too much fun. 

A peril that is unique to cruising involves your port of call. One of the great cost-effective benefits of taking a cruise on your adventures is the opportunity to visit various ports of call during your vacation. In seven days you may visit four different nations, in three different time zones, on two different sides of the equator. 

With those ports of call come arrival and departure times. Cruise lines pay port fees to use their services such as navigation pilots, tug boats, and piers. When the ship’s time is up, the ship must set sail, with or without you.

Let’s say you’re in Cozumel enjoying the local tequila and lose track of time. Suddenly, off in the distance, you hear the familiar sound of a ship’s horn blowing, signaling its departure back into the deep blue. It’s a little too late when you realize that was your ship setting sail without you! Without travel insurance, you would have to figure out how to either meet the ship at its next port or find a way home alone. We want you to have fun, but we definitely do not want you to do it alone! 

Bon Voyage!

The ocean is calling you and we believe you should answer that call. Before you set sail, ensure you have a travel insurance plan from Insured Nomad to protect you from all the troubles that Poseidon may cause. From sea monsters and pirates to inclement weather, we have a plan that has you covered while you explore our beautiful planet on your next cruise! 

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