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COVID-19 is covered, yet certain limitations apply, please continue reading for your plan type.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance (Juvo and Connect) plans cover Covid-19. They have no exclusions for pandemics or COVID-19 and it is treated as any other condition, pre-existing condition exclusions apply. Travel warnings or travel advisories due to COVID-19 do not affect the policy.

Travel Insurance

If traveling to the USA, the travel policies provide up to to the medical benefit amount selected in your policy in medical expense coverage for Covid-19 contracted while you are in the United States of America, as long as you are not suffering from a pre-existing condition of Covid-19.

Policies purchased since/after 1st of March 2021 provide the same amount in medical expense coverage for Covid-19 contracted while you are abroad as long as you are not traveling to a Do Not Travel/Level 4 status for COVID-19 country by the US State Department, the COVID-19 benefits are valid in Level 3 or lower countries. If a country is moved to Level 4 while you are there then COVID-19 is no longer a covered benefit but all other medical benefits are still provided.

The coverage benefit is available to travelers at no additional premium and with no age limit on who can obtain coverage. All plans include coverage for Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation, Emergency Medical Reunion, Return of Minor Child and Local Burial or Cremation. Coverage for other accidents and illnesses remain in force even if COVID-19 benefits are no longer included on your policy due to a change in Travel Advisory level to Level 4 with the US State Department.