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This region of the world is a true treasure for any traveler looking for diverse and vibrant experiences.
Awe-inspiring natural landscapes and iconic cities, as well as unique cultural encounters, make North America a blending pot of experiences that will make your head spin!

Things to Expect

Overview : North America

Health, Weather and Safety Tips:

In Canada, healthcare is publicly funded and available to all permanent residents. Non-residents can also receive emergency medical treatment, but may be required to pay out-of-pocket.

In the United States, healthcare is primarily private and can be very expensive, particularly for those without insurance.
travelers should have adequate travel insurance to cover any potential medical costs while abroad.


North America experiences diverse weather patterns throughout the year, with heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures in winter and heatwaves and thunderstorms in summer.


Travelers should monitor local news and follow safety protocols in areas prone to natural disasters. It’s important to research the weather and local laws of your destination, particularly if planning outdoor activities.


Popular Destinations:

North America is jam-packed with hot spots to visit, including New York City, Las Vegas, Cancun, and Banff National Park. NYC has the iconic landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and Times Square. Vegas is all about glitz and glamour with its casinos and nightlife.


Cancun’s got gorgeous beaches and crystal-clear waters. And Banff National Park is a nature lover’s dream, with stunning mountain scenery and outdoor activities galore.


Costs, Currency, and Money Tips:

the u.s dollar is dominant in this continent and the living expenses varies between states and cities.

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