The Five Best Cities For Digital Nomads

The Five Best Cities For Digital Nomads

Before the end of 2019, the remote digital work revolution had already begun, but the COVID pandemic dramatically accelerated its progress. In the United States, nearly 1/3 of all work conducted in 2021 and 2022 was done remotely.

With these newfound opportunities to work from anywhere in the world, travel enthusiasts and nomads are flocking to cities around the globe to fulfill their passion for exploration and cultural experiences. This article will look at seven top global destinations for digital nomads.

The Five Top Cities for Digital Nomads

  • Paris, France
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Rome, Italy
  • London, United Kingdom

Paris, France

For some, traveling is a burden, but for others, it’s a passion. You’re here because you fall in the latter group, and we figured the City of Love would be the best place to start our list of the five top cities for digital nomads.

Paris is filled with everything the French culture offers, including some of the finest wines, champagne, and dining that can be found anywhere. As one of the world’s most famous and prominent cities, all the creature comforts and business necessities needed and desired can be easily accessed.

Internet connection is vital to the Digital Nomads’ work life and is readily available in the City of Love. With its temperate climate, membership in ETIAS, robust public transportation system, and countless museums and entertainment options, Paris is one of the top digital nomad cities in the world.

Barcelona, Spain

For years workers worldwide have hated traveling to work because it generally meant driving the same way to and from work daily. Digital Nomads live and work from home, at the local cafe, or in the park. Their office can be whatever and wherever they want it to be.

However, one crucial element required is internet availability. For this reason, the city of Barcelona, Spain, is on our list of the five best places to work and live the Digital Nomad life.

Nomads who choose Barcelona will also experience some of the best weather in Europe, on top of some of the best food anywhere in the world. Like most other cities on our list, adventure, history, and unique cultural experiences await you in Barcelona.

Berlin, Germany

English-speaking Digital Nomads will find that Berlin is one of the top options in Germany for living and working the Digital Nomad life. More people speak English in Berlin than anywhere else in Germany.

From historical relics like the Berlin Wall to packed-out restaurants, you’ll find everything you’re looking for in Germany’s newest city. With its geographic location falling farther North than any other city on our list, it is a prime location for those who love an authentic Winter experience.

Speaking of Winter, if you love Christmas, Germany is the place to be. It is the biggest holiday of the year, and the entire country goes all out for St. Nick.

Rome, Italy

For the history buff Digital Nomad, fewer cities on Earth have more to offer than Rome. Some of the most famous landmarks anywhere in the world can be found here. For Catholic Nomads, it is the seat of the Holy See and the home of the Pope. How cool would it be to attend a weekly Mass by the Pope?

Being situated in the Mediterranean region means Rome has some of the best weather in the world. Public transportation is not as robust as in some other cities on our list, but you should have no trouble finding your way around. Rome is one of the most popular destinations in the world. Therefore, all the necessities for living the Digital Nomad life are readily available.

London, United Kingdom

Last on our list of top cities for the Digital Nomad is not the least. London is one of the world’s best places to live and work. Londoners pride themselves on their inclusiveness of other people and cultures, leading the world in social progressiveness.

Football fans, the actual football, may find themselves overwhelmed with some of the best Football Clubs anywhere in the world. Chelsea and Arsenal FC are just two clubs calling London home.

Public transportation, access to goods, and widespread internet connectivity mean London has everything you need to complete your work without interruptions. However, one of the drawbacks to living in London is the weather.

Due to a natural and invisible turbine in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, warm water from the Equator mixes with colder water near England and creates a sauna-like weather phenomenon. If you’ve ever wondered why England is cloudy most of the time, now you know.

How To Choose The Right  City For Your Digital Nomad Needs

Here are the most important criteria you’ll want to consider when choosing the proper city for your digital nomad needs:

  • Affordability
  • Climate
  • Community
  • Infrastructure
  • Internet Connection
  • Quality of Life
  • Time-Zones


No matter how great the city is for the Digital Nomad life, it isn’t a viable option if you cannot afford to live there. Some great cities were left off this list because they are too expensive. To enjoy the nomad life, you can’t be broke from surviving. Don’t choose a city that exceeds your cost-of-living budget.


Some people like Summer, some people like Winter. If you don’t like rainy weather, London is probably not an excellent choice. If you love the snow, Berlin is a perfect match. Research and learn what kind of climate and weather your desired city has before jumping.


One of the most excellent benefits of the Digital Nomad life is the ability to experience new cultures. Some communities and cultures, however, are not for the faint of heart. Parisians, for example, are notoriously unwelcoming to newcomers. If you wear your heart on your sleeve, you may want to rethink moving to Paris.


Infrastructure is an essential aspect of living abroad. You may own a car at home, but you likely won’t be bringing it with you. Therefore, public transportation and easy access to resources are critical factors no matter where you go.

Internet Connection

Without a stable high-speed internet connection, the Digital Nomad life is impossible. While none of the cities on our list fall into this category, other great cities were left off because of their lack of internet connectivity.

Quality of Life

Your quality of life is more important than any other need on this list. If you aren’t happy where you live? The Digital Nomad life is meant to set us free to pursue happiness anywhere in the world. Research your destination and ensure there aren’t too many barriers to living your best life.


Although we may love traveling and living the Digital Nomad life, we leave behind friends and family when we pursue it. Being in a time zone several hours apart from those back home can cause a significant communication barrier. This oft-overlooked element of the Digital Nomad life should not be underestimated.


Living the Digital Nomad life is one to be envied. Some great cities around the globe can accommodate your lifestyle. It’s essential to research your destination and ensure your chosen city provides all you need and most of what you want.

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