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Single Trip Coverage

World Explorer

Travel medical insurance for trips 7 to 364 days, perfect for vacations, work travel, and more. As low as $2.87 per day.
Trip Protection Insurance

World Explorer Guardian

Trip cancellation travel insurance, medical, evacuation, benefits and more. Currently eligible for US residents only
Taking multiple trips this year?

World Explorer Multi

An annual policy for when you are taking short trips and returning back to your home country between trips.
Warzone Coverage

World Explorer Hotspot

Uniquely designed travel insurance for areas of conflict, warzones, or hotspots such as Afghanistan, Israel, Sudan & Ukraine.
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Group Health Insurance

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Group Health Plan


Employee Benefits and International Health Insurance for Modern Companies & Organizations
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Smart Travel Tools At Your Fingertips

12-month membership that provides in-app benefits and mental health support, telemedicine, cyber risk protection, and perks around the world such as airport lounge access & and so much more.

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What our members say:

Travel Insurance Plans

World Explorer: Best if you have short-term workations, business trips, leisure vacation, or something similar. Primarily for travel medical coverage from 7 days up to 364 days. Choose from your desired medical maximum, deductible, and preferred area of coverage.

World Explorer Guardian: U.S. residents only. Best if you are traveling overseas and need more than just short-term medical coverage. We will protect your trip from trip cancellations, medical needs, evacuation, travel benefits and more. 50, 250, and 500 plans are in line with their respective amounts of medical maximum coverage: $50,000, $250,000, and $500,000. Choose from your desired medical maximum, deductible, and preferred area of coverage.

World Explorer Multi: Best if you know your travel plans for the year and come back home in between trips. Coverage is the same as World Explorer

World Explorer Hotspot: Our warzone insurance plan if you plan on going into an area of conflict. Whether you are reporting the news in Afghanistan, conducting humanitarian aid in Iraq, or caring for the needs of others in Sudan, we’ve got your back & may the force be with you.