8 Tips on How to Improve the Well-Being of Digital Nomads

8 Tips on How to Improve the Well-Being of Digital Nomads

Typically, digital nomads are curious people who love to discover new things. Some nomads love to travel and visit the most beautiful corners of the world while others are more into cultural experiences. Exploring is a lot of fun but digital nomads also work online. Combining adventures, work and the daily muse of this lifestyle isn’t always easy. So taking breaks, self-reflection and slowing down from time to time are essential to maintain the healthy well-being of digital nomads. In this article other digital nomads who joined The Digital Nomads Daily Podcast share how they manage their time and take breaks. On the podcast, you can find life advice from experienced digital nomads and a ton of inspiration and motivation to live a healthy, long-lasting digital nomad lifestyle.

Taking breaks is good for your overall well-being

Somedays you may not feel like you need a break, but the truth is that taking breaks is beneficial for both mental and physical health. Digital nomads, who need to make many decisions about simple day-to-day life such as housing, flights, and finding new friends, especially need breaks. 

On social media, it often looks like digital nomads are just sipping coconuts and don’t work. The Digital Nomads Daily Podcast shows a different reality of what is happening behind the scenes in the digital nomad lifestyle. We learned that many digital nomads hustle hard to create their ultimate freedom. Slowing down and taking enough breaks is also part of that hustle culture, and here are 8 benefits you experience taking short and long breaks.:

1. Recharge your mind

2. Time for self-reflection and to feel more in tune with yourself

3. Regain focus and reduce fatigue

4. Increase productivity and get more done

5. Enhance your mood and feel more positive

6. Restore your motivation

7. Strengthen your physical health

8. Fuel your creativity and get new creative ideas

There is no set in stone rule about the break duration. Even short 5 to 10 minute breaks will nurture the well-being of digital nomads. Let’s look at the different types of breaks the digital nomad guest mentioned on the podcast.

Take a break from traveling and go slomadding instead

Recently, more digital nomads have talked about the term “slowmadding”, which basically means to hop locations at a slow pace. But why do digital nomads prefer this? There are several reasons and digital nomad Tim Marting, Co-Founder of Citizen, shares in the episode the benefits of slowmadding: 

  • More time to better get the know the destination
  • Less time spent on logistics like finding a house and community
  • Fewer distractions and higher productivity at work

Digital nomads also need a break from work

The entrepreneurial vibes are clearly present in the digital nomad community. It’s common for digital nomads to have multiple income streams and spend much time behind the laptop. This can only be achieved if you work so the well-being of digital nomads while hustling hard is super important. Taking short breaks between tasks and giving the brain a break from thinking will help you feel less distraught or scatterbrained.

Digital nomad entrepreneur Anne reflects on what she learned in her first years of entrepreneurship. She shares valuable tips about preparing yourself mentally and setting realistic expectations for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

So if you feel overwhelmed and uncertain about your journey, take a pause, reboot and find some confidence boosters on the podcast! We have many episodes with entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers with a side hustle and how they balance work and travel.

Break from people and prioritize me-time

Inside the digital nomad community, you find people from all walks of life and the beauty is that everyone is on a journey to uncover new things. We see that many digital nomads are working towards creating a better sense of self-awareness. So finding a good balance between socializing and me-time is something digital nomads definitely want to master.

The episode with Marcel talks about finding this balance and overcoming a typical digital nomad challenge, loneliness. We also dive into hacks on how to create new friendships and build your own social circle while traveling.

Tips to take breaks

So taking a pause and slowing down has a lot of positive benefits for your well-being. As many nomads have shared on the podcast, it’s not always easy to take a break. You could have FOMO (fear of missing out), too many tasks or you’re just really excited and in those moments it simply doesn’t make sense to take a break. So here are 8 tips to prompt you to step away and take better breaks regularly:

  • Include smaller breaks in your daily routine.
  • Set boundaries in your schedule and add breaks in your calendar with alarms.
  • Take breaks without using a screen like your phone.
  • Go for a 20-minute walk to stretch your legs or work out before working on a new task.
  • Take short 5 to 10-minute pauses during the day in between tasks.
  • Schedule much-needed self-care time and take this moment to reflect.
  • Go for long breaks and do something that you know you will enjoy and that lifts your spirit like hiking, snorkeling, food adventures or island trips.
  • Still, struggling? Ask a friend or get an accountability partner to help you stick to your breaks.

Doing nothing is also doing something

It’s true, not doing anything and just relaxing is also doing something; this is exactly what your mind and body need. By following these tips the well-being of digital nomads will without a doubt enhance.

Do you want to learn more about becoming a successful digital nomad? Go to The Digital Nomads Daily Podcast on our website and listen to life advice from experienced digital nomads hosted by Nienke Nina. Tuning in from your phone? Listen on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Happy nomadding!

Written by Nienke Nina | Digital Nomads Daily


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