6 Ways Peanut Makes Planning Your Next Vacation Cheaper & Easier

6 Ways Peanut Makes Planning Your Next Vacation Cheaper & Easier

When planning vacations or overseas adventures, even business trips, there are a lot of questions that need answering. In the past, you would have to scour several different sites to find the answers, and then, once you found them, they may have changed on you the very next day!

Peanut solves this problem for you. Peanut is a free Google Chrome extension created by big tech alum who were travelers themselves and saw the need for more accurate travel information delivered faster. Once installed on a Chrome browser, Peanut pops up when searching travel sites and hotels and aggregates data from thousands of sites to provide the most updated travel information.

For example, when searching Google flights, Peanut will show you six select pieces of information that you need to know before booking flights or hotels. This could save you time, money, and headaches before, during, and after you travel.

Health Risk & Entry Intelligence

Peanut provides you instant access to the ever-changing COVID protocols throughout the world, which differ from one place to the next. This includes the COVID risk level and if

  • the country is open to travel,
  • a COVID test is required to enter,
  • quarantining is required upon entry, and
  • masks are required.

It also shows whether a visa is required to enter at every point of entry.

Travel Restrictions

It would be a nightmare if, after all the planning and expense, you arrived at your destination only to find that much of what you want to do or places you need to go are closed down. Peanut shows you if attractions and restaurants are open and if public transit is operating to get you there.

Weather Guidance

To make the most of your adventure, you may want to go when the weather is as its best, but you’re not sure when that is. Or maybe you’re not particular about when you go, but you want to make sure you pack the right things. Peanut helps you with that by showing the:

  • best months to travel for weather,
  • weather averages,
  • climate type, and
  • hottest and coldest months

Hotel History

If you’ve ever made reservations at a hotel online only to be disappointed by the quality upon arrival, you’re not alone. Photographs can be deceiving. When searching for hotels, Peanut helps you make the right choice by showing you the

  • year the hotel was built,
  • whether the hotel has been renovated and the percentage of hotels renovated nearby, and
  • how old the hotel is compared to others in the area.

Flight Delay Risk

Another useful bit of information that can be very helpful in determining which flight to choose is the flight delay risk Peanut provides. Using aggregated historical data, Peanut provides a risk level of low-to-high to show the probability of a flight delay at each stop. That information could save you a considerable amount of time and even money due to missed flights or unexpected hotel stays.

Insurance Requirements

Last, but certainly not least, Peanut shows whether your destination requires insurance and what those requirements are. If insurance is needed, you’re provided with a quick link to a quote from Insured Nomads to provide the protection and assurance you need.

You know the adage, work smarter not harder. Go to trypeanut.com and install the free Google Chrome extension. Save yourself hours of prep time and increase peace of mind knowing that you’re making the right choices as you plan for your next big adventure.

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